Dundee City Council

Dundee City Council

Dundee City Council is committed to improving air quality in the area since launching an air quality action plan in 2011. With road traffic being one of the main sources of pollution the focus has been to promote and adopt low emission vehicles within the city and surrounding areas.

As Scotland’s only Go Ultra Low city, a status awarded from OLEV, Dundee has received funding to expand the local charging infrastructure. Charging hubs are being built in three priority locations – the city centre, Lochee and Brought Ferry. Plans for a further 11 rapid chargers to be installed with priority use for electric taxis to support the increasing number in the city.

The city hopes to see 10% of its taxis switch to electric by the end of 2017. Dundee City Council also boasts having the most electric vehicles in any UK council fleet.

Drive Dundee electric is a campaign recently launched to provide information and support to local business and residents looking to switch to electric vehicles. Through a website, social media and promotion material it highlights the benefits of driving an electric vehicle in Dundee, the savings that can be made and helps create a cleaner and safer environment.